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Welcome to the North American Border Club!
If you are a club member and you have a picture of a border that you are proud of and would like the picture posted on this page, please send it to the Web Master

Best Border Breeder


Jeremy Faria, a member of the North American Border Club has come up with a friendly competition between border breeders to encourage more entries at local and National shows in the USA and Canada. This NABC sanctioned competion is open to all breeders of Border Canaries; while not a requirement we do encourage all to become members of the North American Border Club.  

Click on the link below or click on the right menu link "Best Border Breeder" for the 2013 Best Border Breeder ranking.  The full rules and process is in the linked page.  BEST BORDER BREEDER OF THE YEAR


You can also download the summary of rules and submission details in the document below but please visit the Best Border Breeder page.
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